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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 1098 Instructions vs. Form 1098-t

Instructions and Help about Form 1098 Instructions vs. Form 1098-t

This video is for the 1098-t, which is an admin site. You can view the 298 TS through Heartland or you can create or edit the 298 t. To do this, you will need to login and then go to the tax document section. Here, you can view tax statements or create and edit them. The issue with this past year was that many students contacted me and said that when they tried to print their 1098-P, it said that there was none available. However, to check this, they could come here to view their tax statement. They can either enter their social security number and last name or just their social security number. After clicking find, they will see if they have a 1098-t for 2018. If the same issue happens next year and a student calls saying that their 1098-t does not exist, but it can be viewed in the admin portal, they need to contact Heartland themselves. I believe that this issue will not occur next year. If a student has a 1098-t from 2017, it will also be listed here. By clicking on view, the student can see their 298 t. They will also see their name and address, as well as any adjustments made for the prior year in sections 4 and 6. If a student calls and says there is something incorrect with their 1098-t, you would go to the create edit tax statements section. Make sure the correct tax year is selected and enter their social security number. Click find SSN and you will be able to edit the statements that need to be corrected. Once you are done, click update the existing statement and then submit. The student can then go online and access their new 1098-t. This information will also be...